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awless is a powerful, innovative and small surface command line interface (CLI) to manage Amazon Web Services.

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Why awless

awless stands out by providing the following features:


Choose one of the following options:

  1. On macOS, use homebrew: brew tap wallix/awless; brew install awless
  2. With curl (macOS/Linux), run: curl | bash
  3. Download the latest awless binaries (Windows/Linux/macOS) from Github
  4. If you have Golang already installed, install from the source with: go get -u

Main Features

video of a few awless commands
Note that this video is in APNG. On Chrome, you need an extension to view it.

Getting started

Take the tour at Getting Started (wiki).

Or read the introductory blog post about awless.


awless is an open source project created by Henri Binsztok, Quentin Bourgerie, Simon Caplette and François-Xavier Aguessy at WALLIX. awless is released under the Apache License and sponsored by Wallix.

Disclaimer: Awless allows for easy resource creation with your cloud provider;
we will not be responsible for any cloud costs incurred (even if you create a 
million instances using awless templates).

Contributors are welcome! Please head to Contributing (wiki) to learn more. Note that awless uses triplestore another project developped at WALLIX.